Get Rid of the Ick; Step 2

A few weeks ago, I started a series I fondly call “Get Rid of the Ick“. Ok, the name is not that original and I am not convinced you want to know what the Ick is; but for all those people out there that are attracted to gross things like a train wreck, you paused to find out and you are welcome. Keep reading and pay attention, you might be interested to know.

Step 1, Be Genuine was posted well over a month ago *gasp* and for those of you who have been waiting patiently for the rest of the steps; you can now breathe. LOL

Seriously tho, I must of fallen down a rabbit hole, been stuck under a mountain or held captive, right? or I would of finished off my series sooner. I laugh, but the truth is that life happens and so does shit and the only excuse I have for not updating my blog peeps is well…. I just didn’t. This falls in line with Step 1, Be Genuine. No bull shit here and since that is out of way, we are moving on.

Step 2: Where do you meet people?

Like seriously, where do you make new friends? We are strictly talking about on social media in this step. This is where we think direct sales is icky anyway. You know exactly what I am talking about, social media has turned into the highway of ads for direct sales and it feels like that is all you see in your newsfeed. Give me a shout out if you feel me, tell me it’s not just me?! *I’m waiting*

I talk about at least 3 types of groups and pages you should join in order to make new friends. What 3 groups are you going to search for, join or follow and be an active non-icky participant in? Reminder: refer back to Step 1 when you are making new friends in your new groups!

It’s only fair that I point out why I started this series in the first place. I started this blog out with “Holy shit balls Batman!”, check it out here #stoptheembarrassment and for the love of everything direct sales, Get Rid of the Ick!

Peace, Love and Cheers!



“Nailfie” Highlight

Much like a selfie, where you take a picture of your beautiful smiling face, a nailfie is a show of your hands and more specifically, your nails.

Showing off your nails takes a little bit of know how and practice. I had a good time with my customer group that I fondly call The Squad by creating a fun challenge with a small prize and some tips to get the job done!

First, there was a tutorial; There are a multitude of tips for a nailfie, these were my top tips.

and with any challenge, there were super easy rules:
1. You can enter two times ONLY 
2. You will be judged on your application, your lighting, care of your skin around your cuticles and how you are holding your hand #bantheclaw
3. Props are optional but I’m almost certain creative props will be fun!! 
4. You MUST post and tag me in this group (The Squad) and use the hashtag #nailitnailfie (nail it nailfie) 
5. Everyone in the group will vote on their favs!! 
6. The top 4 voted on in The Squad will get voted on in my team page.
7. The winner will not only win the prize but will be featured on My Graffiti Rules, my blog (also named My Graffiti Rules) and Pinterest.
8. CURRENT nailfie’s only
9. If there is something you don’t understand, please ask – I want everyone to have a fair chance. Questions are welcome!
10. You must be wearing Color Street dry nail polish.
11. Last but not least —- HAVE FUN!!

Our winner of the nailfie challenge was Megan! and she is wearing Color Street’s dry nail polish solid; Port-ugal. Her nailfie was not only on point with her application but her lighting and her choice of props is what put her over the edge! Congratulations to Megan! She won a small but super cool prize I was offering and her nails are featured right here, on my business page and on Pinterest!

Color Street nailfie: Port-Ugal

If you want to see more nailfies come on over to Facebook and join in the fun! There is nothing serious about a nailfie and it’s the one place where there is never an emergency! I don’t recall who said it first so I can’t quote her but in our world “There is no such thing as a nail emergency”. Bring the fun, hold the drama!

Peace, Love and Cheers


Stylist Spotlight

This week I was invited to be in our teams “Stylist Spotlight“!

I was honored to be asked! Here are the questions and answers I was asked to share for the spotlight. I am thrilled to share!

Q: Why did I decide on Color Street?
A: I had a very pesky friend who kept asking me about it. Hahaha!
No seriously, I saw the potential in not only the product but the company. Everyone who polishes their nails wants it to be pretty and easy and when I couldn’t stop thinking about how revolutionary this product is and that it was start up company (and still is), I hopped on board with my pesky friend. *mwah (my “pesky” friend was the lady interviewing me; this makes me giggle!)

Q: What was the first style you tried on?
A: Tokyo Lights baby!
I was only going to put an accent nail on until I saw how easy it was and before I knew it I was all fingers and all toes full of glitter!

Q: How has Color Street made a Difference in your life?
Outside of the people I get to meet and work with in Color Street, I have been most financially successful in the direct sales industry while with Color Street. Our business is not always easy but its simple, so when you toss an easy and simple product into the mix, bam! Success!

Q: What’s your life’s motto?
Be kind. Lead with your heart and show bravery in everything you do.

Be Kind. Be a Leader. Be Brave.

Q: What is your number one tip for success in Color Street?
1. BE GENUINE. Build your relationships and network based off of being genuine and you will have followers, customers and be able to grow a team who is genuine as well.
2. BE CONSISTENT. Even when you think no one is watching, they are. When you feel like giving up, don’t. Keep going. Consistency is KEY.
3. BE UNIQUE. Do you! When you try to build your business like someone else, it just goes all wrong. Use others as inspiration and build a strong foundation and brand that is all you.
4. BE COACHABLE. Learn from the best. Seek them out and soak it in. Implement what you are being taught. You can be forever a student in the field so take what you are being coached to do and implement it while being genuine, consistent and unique.

If you want some more information about Color Street: the product, application, the business opportunity, where to find it and me!:

Peace, Love and Cheers


Get Rid of the Ick

The “ick” is killing direct sales. The spam, the unauthentic networking and the death of creating a friendship over anything else. When did we stop making friends and turn into an automatic infomercial? When did we stop caring about other people and start caring only about our pocketbook, our sales and our growing team?

In an effort to get rid of the ick, educate and change the way people think and respond to direct sales, I started a series on my business page fondly called Get Rid of the Ick (ok, maybe not brilliant but I giggle every time I write it or read it and laughing daily is not a bad thing at all! as a matter of fact, start doing it more and find out how much better life can be)

To clarify, we are getting rid of the ick that is ever so present on social media; on our friends personal walls (new and old), in messenger and the constant newsfeed fillers of the best product ever and how it will change your life. (and let’s be real, some products might really be incredible, actually most are, but that doesn’t mean they are for everyone.)

The first step to getting rid of the ick is neither mind blowing or earth shattering.

Step one: Be Genuine. *gasp*

adjective gen·​u·​ine | \ ˈjen-yə-wən  , -(ˌ) win, nonstandard -ˌwīn  \

Definition of genuine

1a: actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or charactergenuine vintage wines

b: actually produced by or proceeding from the alleged source or author – the signature is genuine

c: sincerely and honestly felt or experienced a deep and genuine love

d: ACTUALTRUE genuine improvement

2: free from hypocrisy or pretenseSINCERE His apology seemed genuine.

I am not sure it was a necessity to offer the definition but just in case you were wondering what it means to be genuine, you are welcome. (insert sarcasm) I tease but this is the truth. In our fast world of social media, people forget what genuine means.

I like to use this example of how to be genuine in this way: Let’s say you are meeting someone in person. Let’s say you are at Target. What do you say when you first see them? Do you start with “Hi, I am Mara, so nice to meet and connect with you. Will you buy my “insert product”?”

You are looking at this person right in the face, hand out to greet them with a shake and offering a new friendship and conversation starter like this, right? Um…. I believe the answer is: No, you aren’t. You wouldn’t dream of starting any conversation like that in person, with a stranger that you meet in line at Target; then why are so many hiding behind their phone or computer and starting a friendship that way on social media? I am certain there are several articles and maybe even books written on the psychology of working behind the computer, hidden and the boldness of sending a cold call message.

I am 100% positive that those who are doing this (and it might be you) are not getting many sales this way, if any at all.

Do me a solid and try a different approach. Start with being genuine. Offer a smile, a hello and an interest in your friend. Start with getting to know the person on the other side of the screen and ask yourself this: “What would I say to this person if they were in line at Target?” and maybe even “What compliment would you offer?” What could you say to make this person’s day better? Pretend you are looking them dead in the face and talk to them. Be kind, show interest and always always be GENUINE. I can assure you whatever you say starting with that approach alone would be much different than that canned copy and pasted crapola you were thinking about sending.

Step one: Getting Rid of the Ick
How do you make friends?

Next week: Where do you find new friends? It’s way easier than you think especially if you are remembering Step one. *wink

Peace, Love and Cheers!


She had me at Badass

Did ya ever meet someone and just click? I think it happens to everyone but seriously don’t you love it when that goes down?! It’s like all the stars align just perfectly and the heavens open up to present you with someone awesome.

Meet Jennie Bellinger, she is a Direct Sales coach, she loves to drop the F-Bomb (so instantly my friend based on that alone) and when I found out the name of her community…. she had me at BADASS! You won’t be disappointed to be a part of her badass group – like literally!

Badass Direct Sales Mastery and the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Community are Jennie’s babies. She is also the creator of Level Up Coaching, LLC (don’t you just love that name too! #levelup !) add Badass and Level Up together = a recipe for success!

I have been a part of Jennie’s community for about a month now and although its a small group, it is mighty! Jennie offers encouragement, accountability and coaching. It does not matter whether you are new to direct sales or a seasoned veteran, who doesn’t need all of that?

The group is for those Direct Sales peeps (that might be you) who are ready to be badass and dominate your business. In Jennie’s words:

“This online community will provide support, motivation, inspiration, accountability and guidance from none other than The Direct Sales Domme herself, ME! (that’s Jennie!)

Members of the community will get to interact, ask questions, and I’ll even do one LIVE hot seat coaching session with one lucky member of the community each month. We will have giveaways, challenges that will not only be fun but will also grow your business, and even interviews with successful direct sales leaders who are DOMINATING their business.”

I had the honor of being one of Jennie’s Spotlights! She is so easy to talk to and a pleasure to spend time with.

Jennie offers a complimentary coaching session for 30 minutes to those interested. I snagged one of these and I highly recommend it! You have 30 minutes to let the stars align and the heavens open up for you as well!

Peace, Love and Cheers!


Why I was embarrassed to share what I did….

Holy shit balls batman! I just told everyone that I was embarrassed to tell people what I did! By “did” I mean, what I do for a living; how I make money. (aka: that thing I do every single day that gets the green that pays the bills) You know, that thing I say I LOVE! *slap my face *

Photo: Brooke Cagle

What the hell am I doing? I am proving a damn point. Let’s get to it!

It is so refreshing to finally be free of the embarrassment and now I am on a mission! What the hell happened? Let me paint the picture: I was in Phoenix, AZ in a room full of business professionals from ALL walks of life; and when I say ALL, I mean ALL! SO MANY interesting and incredible people in one place at one time, all wanting the same thing. There were 2,000 people (give or take) and our goals collectively were to up level not only our businesses but our personal lives as well. (and boy was I in for something I have never experienced before!)

Brendon Burchard on the stage greeting the room full of entrepreneurs had just instructed all of us to get in groups of 5 and share a few things.

  1. Who are you? Where are you from? and What do you do?
  2. What are you most grateful for in your life right now?
  3. What needs to change in your life and how will you go about it?
  4. Name 2 things you do that keep you at your best.

The one little thing about those four requests that caused me the most anxiety was “What do you do?” I was going to have to tell these strangers what I did and suddenly I was terrified! Wow! this was new! You see, my experience was that typically I watch (even my closest friends) roll their eyes at me or turn away only because if they made eye contact with me I just might ask them to sample my product, buy my product or *gasp* “join my team”. At this VERY moment (remember this is the first day of a 4 day training, just hours in) and I had my biggest “AHA” moment of the entire weekend! Can you imagine that?!

What the hell was wrong with me? I almost walked out, literally. No lie. As a matter of fact, the first three times Brendon asked us to do this I wanted to run for the door to leave; this first time though, I wanted to vomit. I didn’t, I cried instead. Here is the real kicker – not one person rolled their eyes at me – not one person turned their face away from me – and all the people I spoke with the entire weekend were more than supportive. I mention this because my fears and anxieties were my own, not theirs and my embarrassment was my own bull shit story about direct sales and what people thought about it.

Ok, so now I have to get down to the nitty gritty and decide whether or not I can handle this kind of embarrassment for the rest of my life, get over it or if I was going to make a change and do something about it? I felt like I had two choices:

  1. I could change what I was doing for a living or
  2. I could change the way people think about the industry

Both of these options seem big and scary and a huge undertaking. First off, embarrassment or not, I LOVE what I do and second, I WASN’T THE PROBLEM. The Direct Sales industry in general gets a bad wrap because of how a small portion market their business. Why am I holding onto the embarrassment for them? They should be the ones to hold onto that burden.

Just in case you live under a rock, you never check your messenger app or Facebook just isn’t your jam what I am referring to is the influx of Direct Sales vultures on social media that send you a friend request and as soon as you accept, they send your head spinning by adding you to their group (where they sell their goods). In addition to delivering a message in messenger (longer than your arm) chatting you up immediately about their product and how much you really need it and if you are really fucking lucky you get a notification that they have invited you to like their business page too (yay you!) *insert all the sarcasm*

This type of “marketing” has got to stop. Am I right? (the answer is a big fat Yes!!!) so, What am I prepared to do?

Watch this space for my mission and my tidbits and expertise on how I grow my own business. Truth bomb? Now that I am back from my High Performance Academy training, I am on fire and ready to make an even bigger impact and thrive personally and professionally.

Click on the button to subscribe to this blog and feel free to share the love, comment or blast my message too!

Move over rover. Watch out world. Hold on tight. I own my dream!

Peace, Love and Cheers!


P.S. Let me answer the questions mentioned above: (they really weren’t that scary in retrospect)

  1. Who are you? Where are you from? and What do you do? I am Mara. Wife. Mother. Friend and most importantly a Business Owner. I am from St. Louis, MO but currently reside in Illinois. I love the word Fuck (and cussing in general), theater, travel and enjoying a cocktail in a quiet pub with friends is my perfect evening. I am in Direct Sales. I run a dry nail polish business (proudly!) You can earn more about me and the product at
  2. What are you most grateful for in your life right now? I am most grateful for the support I get from my husband (he is my rock when I let him be) and my friend Louise Cartwright for getting me to HPA. (This event was life changing!) Louise has always believed in me and my time working with her as my coach and now as my friend are my fondest moments. You know, I just needed to believe in myself, trust in myself and do the work to get over myself.
  3. What needs to change in your life and how will you go about it? So many changes but I will start with losing the embarrassment I have for my industry; being proud of my own accomplishments and then move forward from there developing my skills, forever learning and enjoying the journey along the way.
  4. Name 2 things you do that keep you at your best? I have been waking up at 5AM daily on working days since September and it has 100% change the way my days flow. Secondly, I read and I have a goal to read a book a week. This can be a challenge for me but one I am prepared to take on (I plan to share my current reading list very soon in a future blog but if you want to see what I have read in the past and enjoyed, I got you covered. Check out my 2018 list here. ) I would like to add that hiring a coach to help and learning how to quiet my mind through meditation along with always and I mean always looking for the good in everything keeps me at my best!

What does the color red, a lounge and shoes have in common?

I can’t even start to write before I giggle at the title of this piece. It is a trick question, 100% .

Let’s break it down though:

  • The color red by definition means: ” Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passiondesire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. “
  • The definition of a lounge is: an area in “a public place such as a hotel, airport or club, where you can sit, wait and relax”. (this is the kind of place you want to go to, hang out with your girls surrounded by comfort while sipping a coffee, tea or cocktail)
  • I am not even getting into the definition of a shoe but lets choose a RED SHOE and with a quick google search, you will find the energy behind wearing a red shoe. It’s is fun, flirty, powerful and radiant! I can quote and share with you the long list of finds for the meaning behind wearing a red shoe but I will save you the links and leave it to your curiosity. Feel free to share with me the feelings that wearing red shoes conjures up for you.

Alas, what do all 3 have in common? I teamed up with a dear friend Louise Cartwright to bring you a real and potentially very raw and transparent podcast, fondly called the Red Shoe Lounge. This podcast is for women. Women over the age of 40 will relate the best but the podcast can benefit women of all ages.

The list of subjects we plan to talk about could go on for days. (our podcast idea list is long!) . During our Facebook live announcing the podcast launch some quotes to share describing the podcast are:

  • creating your best life
  • going back to where we were really born to be… the expansive, the excited
  • the space where you are your best person, living your richest life with the most amazing people
  • find inspiration to make the changes you need to make to live your best life
  • we offer conversations that explore, excite and inquire
  • it’s about what is going on on a soulful level
  • all the things; sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (the things your kids don’t want you to share)

Our first podcast starts with how to create your best life; creating the life you want based on how you feel; your feelings create the life you want. Sounds all very woo-woo but it’s not all about that (although, I am a woo-woo advocate) you will have to listen and decide for yourself if it’s a podcast for you.

Louise and I are transparent, vulnerable and offer an open book into our lives and experiences. We share our own confessions and how we have personally overcome obstacles along the way. We keep it real by letting you know it’s not always easy, there can be huge challenges; however if you are ready to live your best life, now is the time.

You can find us at  Take a moment to look around, subscribe to get updates and listen to a podcast (or two or ten) 😉

Follow us on Facebook and YouTube and stay tuned to more updates!

Peace, Love & Cheers!