Say No to A New Years Resolution

As the end of 2018 races towards us I wanted to weigh in on New Years resolutions.  If you haven’t guessed by the title (go back and read it), I object to the old fashioned way of thinking that you wait until the first of the year making any necessary changes that you deem worthy of improving your life. 

Let’s go over some popular resolutions spouted the first of the year, every year.

  • lose weight
  • exercise more (or start) 
  • eat healthier
  • be organized
  • quit smoking 
  • be kinder
  • read more
  • go on more trips
  • save money
  • personal development

…just to name a few… any of these ring a bell?  (I did a simple google search for popular resolutions and added a few of my own) 

If you want to eat healthier, read more, be kinder, more organized or exercise, why are you waiting?  Exercise is one resolution that falls high on most of the New Years resolution lists.  I happen to know this one first hand! I have started and stopped so many workout routines; secretly wishing I had a dollar for every time I did  (I would be a millionaire from this personal defeat alone!)  I am no expert in the workout world but this I do know – YOU and only YOU have a choice.  You either do it or you don’t.  The decision to exercise is exactly that; a decision.   You do not and should not wait until January 1st of any year, to get started.  You just rolled your eyes.  I felt it. 

Try rolling up your sleeves up instead and DECIDE today to make a choice to change whatever it is you want.  Put one foot in front of the other, literally and figuratively and just do it (thanks Nike)  

I was challenged in September to start a new habit of not snoozing my alarm. To say I was a snooze addict is an understatement.  Anyone else snooze the alarm EVERY morning for an hour or longer? That was me! I wish I remembered the exact moment I read it or listened to it but the words stick in my head “Snooze your alarm, you snooze your life”.  WOAH! I am NOT ready to snooze my life; but you see, to my core, I knew that I was doing that very thing; snoozing my life. I was not moving forward. Living each day just to make it to the next with no meaning.  I decided at that moment that I would never snooze my alarm again.  Maybe this should be Rule #11? (see my earlier blog

The act of not snoozing my alarm is still challenging on most days but I continue to indulge in this practice. Why?  It’s a commitment I made to myself and I no longer feel like I am snoozing my life (the extra time I have is priceless) and it creates pure JOY for my mornings and oozes into my day.  Imagine if I had waited until January 1st to get started!! I would have missed months worth of priceless time, JOYful days and the self confidence I have given myself that I can make a commitment and actually stick to it! It is worth it’s weight in gold!

Are you understanding where I am going with the whole resolution bit?

If you want to make positive changes there is no better day to start then today; not Monday, not next month, next year or tomorrow.  Why not just start TODAY?  I will take it a step further and say that I want you to start right at this moment.  Close your mouth. (I practically heard your mouth drop wide open)  It’s not that difficult.  Listen, you don’t have to be that prepared to start making positive progress.  We don’t prep for the negative changes; therefore it only makes sense that likewise, we need little to no prep for the favorable adjustments we want to make in our lives.  

Start reflecting now. What changes do you desire? Make a list. Then pick 1 and start today. Don’t wait. End 2018 the way you envisioned starting 2019, with good choices and good habits already in place.   

Photo by Georgia de Lotz



P.S. I can’t wait to share with you the newest personal development training I am in! I had to hop in and edit this blog in particular considering it has a lot to do with getting started TODAY! It is no coincidence it has similarities to books I have been reading, people I have been following and what my mentors are aligned with as well! Stay tuned for all of it! In future blogs I plan to share more of my favorite books, coaches and trainings. Sign up to follow this blog to get the updates! Take a sneak peek, here

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