Open letter to my son, Alex

This letter was originally published May 10, 2018 on Facebook as my son formally graduated from high school. I publish this letter here today,  for a number of reasons;   1. The blog is here to stay.  2. Today marks the day he is home for Christmas break from his first semester of college.  He has slowing grown into an independent man in those short months away from home.  The 2nd half of his first year just weeks away and this mom looks forward to watching this guy grow into his own. 

Alex and Mom

Open letter to my son: 

Sitting here reflecting on what I want to say to my son, Alex, as you enter into the adult world, my mind wonders back to a time when my little boy clung to his favorite Buzz Lightyear toy.  You idolized this superhero. Your blue eyes lit up a room when you talked about him and all of his adventures with you.

Using Google to re-educate myself about Buzz. I found a few similarities.

Buzz Lightyear was known for his bravery and courage; little did I know the courage and bravery you were going to need throughout your life. Starting out as a baby with hemophilia, I had no idea what was in store for you. You showed me what courage and bravery looks like. You never let your circumstances slow you down, all the while, knowing your limitations and sometimes quietly enduring pain that I will never be able to take from you nor comprehend.

The fictional character you clung to was a rule follower, only breaking the rules when he knew it was the right thing to do. As a young boy you followed the rules, always – also, only breaking the rules when you felt it was right. In addition, you were never a follower but a leader, just like Buzz. Though, Buzz was a great leader, he also “exhibits rather unemotional, erratic, and impulsive behavior” (to quote Google) and this eerily describes you. One of the characteristics I admire about you the most is your independence and strong convictions.

To Infinity and Beyond” as we know was Buzz’s tag line and the standard definition: without limits, limitless, sky’s the limit best describes my dreams and wishes for you.

Go into the world without limits. Dream big and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve exactly what you want. Work hard for it. Do your best. Don’t ever give up. Your opportunities are limitless and the sky truly is your limit.

I hand you over to the world. Please, find the joy in everything you do enjoying each moment of each and every day son. Smile often. Laugh at yourself. Don’t forget to call your mother, to Infinity and Beyond

Love, Mom

I do not own the rights to this photo. Owner unknown.

The day has come to let you go….

Music by Jessica Allossery, I’ll Let you Go 



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