“Nailfie” Highlight

Much like a selfie, where you take a picture of your beautiful smiling face, a nailfie is a show of your hands and more specifically, your nails.

Showing off your nails takes a little bit of know how and practice. I had a good time with my customer group that I fondly call The Squad by creating a fun challenge with a small prize and some tips to get the job done!

First, there was a tutorial; There are a multitude of tips for a nailfie, these were my top tips.

and with any challenge, there were super easy rules:
1. You can enter two times ONLY 
2. You will be judged on your application, your lighting, care of your skin around your cuticles and how you are holding your hand #bantheclaw
3. Props are optional but I’m almost certain creative props will be fun!! 
4. You MUST post and tag me in this group (The Squad) and use the hashtag #nailitnailfie (nail it nailfie) 
5. Everyone in the group will vote on their favs!! 
6. The top 4 voted on in The Squad will get voted on in my team page.
7. The winner will not only win the prize but will be featured on My Graffiti Rules, my blog (also named My Graffiti Rules) and Pinterest.
8. CURRENT nailfie’s only
9. If there is something you don’t understand, please ask – I want everyone to have a fair chance. Questions are welcome!
10. You must be wearing Color Street dry nail polish.
11. Last but not least —- HAVE FUN!!

Our winner of the nailfie challenge was Megan! and she is wearing Color Street’s dry nail polish solid; Port-ugal. Her nailfie was not only on point with her application but her lighting and her choice of props is what put her over the edge! Congratulations to Megan! She won a small but super cool prize I was offering and her nails are featured right here, on my business page and on Pinterest!

Color Street nailfie: Port-Ugal

If you want to see more nailfies come on over to Facebook and join in the fun! There is nothing serious about a nailfie and it’s the one place where there is never an emergency! I don’t recall who said it first so I can’t quote her but in our world “There is no such thing as a nail emergency”. Bring the fun, hold the drama!

Peace, Love and Cheers


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