Get Rid of the Ick; Step 2

A few weeks ago, I started a series I fondly call “Get Rid of the Ick“. Ok, the name is not that original and I am not convinced you want to know what the Ick is; but for all those people out there that are attracted to gross things like a train wreck, you paused to find out and you are welcome. Keep reading and pay attention, you might be interested to know.

Step 1, Be Genuine was posted well over a month ago *gasp* and for those of you who have been waiting patiently for the rest of the steps; you can now breathe. LOL

Seriously tho, I must of fallen down a rabbit hole, been stuck under a mountain or held captive, right? or I would of finished off my series sooner. I laugh, but the truth is that life happens and so does shit and the only excuse I have for not updating my blog peeps is well…. I just didn’t. This falls in line with Step 1, Be Genuine. No bull shit here and since that is out of way, we are moving on.

Step 2: Where do you meet people?

Like seriously, where do you make new friends? We are strictly talking about on social media in this step. This is where we think direct sales is icky anyway. You know exactly what I am talking about, social media has turned into the highway of ads for direct sales and it feels like that is all you see in your newsfeed. Give me a shout out if you feel me, tell me it’s not just me?! *I’m waiting*

I talk about at least 3 types of groups and pages you should join in order to make new friends. What 3 groups are you going to search for, join or follow and be an active non-icky participant in? Reminder: refer back to Step 1 when you are making new friends in your new groups!

It’s only fair that I point out why I started this series in the first place. I started this blog out with “Holy shit balls Batman!”, check it out here #stoptheembarrassment and for the love of everything direct sales, Get Rid of the Ick!

Peace, Love and Cheers!


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